Remote Garage Access

Open on the drive in.

Allows remote access

Get full access to remote open/close your garage right from your app.


Get notified when your garage is being accessed.

Door position.

Ability to monitor the door position (open or closed).


Compatible with most residential garage door openers.


Automated timed closing, if you want to make sure its closed in the evening.

Access Log

Know who comes and goes from your home with a complete log of when the door was used.

Come on in

Easy to use from anywhere in the world. Give access to a friend, or a service professional, without changing codes or making copies of a key.

Tech Specs

Wires into existing Garage door units
WI-Fi connected
Connected door sensor
1 Year + battery life (Depending on use)


iPhone IOS 9+
Android 6+
Alexa Voice

Access Anywhere

Convenience, security, and energy savings—all in one app. Your whole home is just a tap away.

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