Reduce Energy

Save money. Save the planet!

High-Energy Alert

No surprises on your utility bills. Otto will let you know instantly if the lights are left on, or if your furnace is set unusually high.

Detailed Reports

Learn more about the energy you’re actually using. Discover who uses the most energy in your house, when, and where.

Who Turned Up the Heat?

Otto knows the answer, and it can tell you whenever someone adjusts the temperature.

Lighting Usage

Our detailed reports will help you understand how and where you use the lights in your home.

Heating Usage

Get a report card of your heating use over time, to see what you’re really paying for.

Room-by-Room Reports

See which rooms in the house are the worst energy offenders.

Reduce Your Footprint

Climate change is happening. Do your part by ensuring your home is running at optimal efficiency, and stay comfortable in the process.