Simple Security

Without the monthly fees

Instant Alerts

Get notifications whenever otto detects suspicious activity, so you can take the appropriate action fast.

Panic Mode

With a few quick taps, you can flash all of your home’s lights on and off remotely, freezing intruders in their tracks.

Always On

Unlike other security systems, otto automatically watches for suspicious activity whenever you leave the house.

No Monthly Fees

Peace of mind shouldn’t come with a monthly fee. With otto, long contracts and door-to-door salespeople are a thing of the past.


We can walk you through a 911 call right on the app, making it easy for the cops to investigate on your behalf.

Reduce False Alarms

By seeing exactly what triggered the alarm, you can determine if it’s a real threat or not, eliminating that ugly false-alarm bill.

Keep Your Family Safe

Nothing is more important than your family. With otto, you can be miles away, and still know your loved ones are safe and sound