Perfect Lighting

In every room of your house

Dimmer Control

Change the brightness in any room from 0–100% using the switch, or straight from your phone.

Unlimited Pairing

Turn on an entire room without any complicated wiring.

Built-in Presets

One tap gives you 100% light. Tap again to discover three other popular levels.

Ultimate Control

You’re in charge of every light in the house—without even getting up.

Save Energy

Never leave a light on by accident again. When you’re no longer in the house, otto automatically turns them off behind you.

Clever Security

Otto mimics your usual lighting behaviour when you’re away, keeping the bad guys guessing.

Set the Mood

Movie nights. Dinner parties. Romantic evenings in. Lighting has a powerful effect on a room, and otto makes it easy to set the perfect mood.

Tech Specs

Fully dim-able 0-100%
LED & Incandescent bulbs
3 one tap settings
Soft Start
3+ way wiring
500 watt max
40 watt min 120VAC/60Hz


iPhone IOS 9+
Android 6+
Alexa Voice

Access Anywhere

Convenience, security, and energy savings—all in one app. Your whole home is just a tap away.

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